Resource Date Version
Good Practices 14-Aug-2017 2.1
1701 6-Sep-2017 3.1
1701 – learning event recording 09-Sep-2017 N/A
At Risk Student Tracking 6-Jun-2017 1.1
Introduction to At Risk Student Tracking – learning event recording 22-Sep-2015 N/A
Continuing Courses Procedures 24-Aug-2017 1.3
DL and CE Schools Setup and Processes 26-Jun-2017 3.1
DL – Continuing Courses and Active Dates – learning event recording 27-Jun-2017 N/A
Fundamentals 16-Nov-2015 1.2
Fundamentals – Getting Started in MyEducation BC – learning event recording 16-Nov-2015 N/A
Staff View Setup and Navigation 5-Dec-2016 1.0
Traditional Gradebook 30-Aug-2017 1.4
Grade Management 06-Jan-2017 2.6
Grade Management Checklist 13-Jan-2017 1.2
Student Course Section Withdraw and Transcript Records 18-Oct-2016 1.0
Master Schedule Management 17-Jun-2015 1.2
Mobile Interface for MyEdBC 17-Jun-2015 1.0
Parent/Contact Portal: Creating Accounts 20-Jul-2015 1.2
Parent Portal: Managing Contacts – support session recording 29-May-2015 N/A
Portal vs Staff Views 8-Jun-2015 2.1
Preparing to Implement Student and Family Portal – a recording of the learning event delivered on: 10-Jun-2015 N/A
Posting Course Dates – a recording prepared in lieu of a live event 14-Nov-2014 N/A
Posting Course Dates 14-Nov-2014 1.0
SADE 13-Jan-2017 2.3
SADE – learning event recording 14-Oct-2015 N/A
TRAX_Process_Checklist 13-Jan-2017 1.1